Ultimate Ozzy is an Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath Tribute Band  that was formed in early 2012. It’s members consist of Dale “Dozzy” Grubb on lead vocals, Joe Bellar on lead guitar, Michael Arledge on bass, & Lee Anderson on drums.

Grubb, a drummer by nature with 30 yrs experience, has played the role of Ozzy before in the tribute band “Madman Diaries“. That experience along with his dead on vocals, looks, and even his tattoos make Grubb one of the best Ozzy tributes around.

Bellar earned his BA in Classical Guitar Performance from Wright State University in part because he was heavily influenced by Osbourne’s late guitarist, Randy Rhoads, who also studied classical guitar. A note for note player, Bellar brings it every show.

Heavily influenced by Ozzy & Sabbath, Arledge & Anderson both have an extensive background playing rock & roll, hard rock  many of those years playing together and forming a chemistry that help lay down a solid back bone for Ultimate Ozzy.

With a set list that consists of Osbourne’s solo career (Crazy Train, Bark at the Moon, Mama I’m Coming Home, Suicide Solution and more) as well as his career with Black Sabbath (War Pigs, N.I.B., Ironman, Sweet Leaf and more) Ultimate Ozzy leaves fans thoroughly entertained and wanting more. Most common comments by fans after an Ultimate Ozzy show,

“Dale sounds just like Ozzy”

“You guys sound just like the albums”

Ultimate Ozzy has a passion for what we do, & pride in our performance. With the talent, looks and sound, Ozzy and Sabbath fans both older and younger will not be disappointed.

Let the madness begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!